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South Philly street fight.

Moose defeated Brian Cage. Down a fall, Ayoka digs in and fights her way back, pushing the champ to the limit until she catches her in a tight Camel Clutch that evens the falls. Crystal harris nude pics. Backbreaker follows Backbreaker for La Rosa, her only respite coming in the form of a crushing Bearhug.

The referee stays busy counting to 5, as Miss Rachel locks on submission after submission on Devyn. House of Hardcore 33 was a professional wrestling event that took place on August 12, at the Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thea trinidad naked. Finally though, a standard Sleeper does the job and the score is all square going as we head to the third and final round.

No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Saraya ties the helpless Leva in the ropes, tosses her across the ring by her hair, and adds in a few rope chokes and eye rakes for good measure. Harrah's Resort Southern California. MVP defeated Sami Callihan.

After some more dubious officiating, Kellie takes matters into her own hands and nails Shazza with a straight jacket slam before rolling Evie on top of her for the 3 count.

This one ends with a pin, but only when the wrestler in control finds herself on the wrong end of a pin reversal! Samantha stays in control for the match but gets frustrated by how many pin attempts she's had on Allie without one getting to 3. Also she could act as a valet for Amazing red, if Tna wish to use her in that capacity.

Amazing Red defeated Matt Striker. Us army girls naked. Matt Cross defeated Flip Gordon. Sin-D wraps on a reverse Bearhug, and Marti is able to power out of that, too. Dementia then picks back up where she left off But can she finish the job?

But in her Last Woman Standing match, Allysin certainly finds herself at a disadvantage against the towering powerhouse Jessicka. Not only did Amanda steal the belly button ring, she brought down bad juju on her own dog!

Carlito defeated Matt Basso. To cap off the squash, Ivelisse decides to go for a Dragon Sleeper after the final bell. Tracy's protests are ineffectual, drowned out by Saraya's inimitably English taunts. The ref who looks like a mere mortal standing between two towers introduces the combatants and the match's stipulation… which is that it is best of 5 falls, no DQ, and KO finish only! Jessicka Havok vs Leva Despite the vast size and power difference, Leva and her now-famous Blue Pants are ready and willing to take on Jessicka in this 1 fall matchup.

She starts off strong with some Atomic Drops, but runs into trouble when Chasyn lifts her off the turnbuckle in a sustained Gorilla Press and slams her to the mat. Imagine a form of in-ring abuse and odds are that it's directed towards the overmatched rookie. After an evenly matched opening few minutes, Mia begins to control and dominate the action. Malia slips comfortably into her heel role and cheats right off the bat… Hitting Jayme with an eye rake, throat chops, and plenty of cornerwork.

Originally Posted by It's Damn Real! Jessicka Havok defeated Taya.

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Solo Darling vs Stormie Lee The hyperactive Solo goes into this one complaining that she could use a bit of a sugar infusion but her actions belie her words as she springs into action with great effect, insulin levels be damned. Ebony bbw lesbian threesome. Will it be smooth Jazz or Roxx music? Amazing Maria vs Nevaeh Gabby Gilbert calls the shots for this 2 out 3 falls match.

Amber explains she was in a Last Woman Standing match, but has no memory of the match. After enduring countless chops to the throat, eye pokes, being bitten, belly claws and more, Nikki finds herself trapped in a nerve pinch that leaves her with two options — tap out or pass out. Thea trinidad naked. The event also showed founder Tommy Dreamer fighting "The Monster" Abyss in a Monster's Ball match due to the events from the previous show. Devyn Nicole vs Sin-D It's up to the veteran Sin-D to show these new girls how it's done and she has a perfect subject to work with in Devyn.

Samantha is such a good sport, she works it out for her… even to the point where she think Allie should maybe give the match and mimes her tapping out! Saraya soon takes Gabi down to the mat and steps on her hair for a bit of poetic justice. A unique submission leaves one of these wrestlers unable to physically tap out and as their arms can only flail in mid-air.

You think you can handle this ass? But in her Last Woman Standing match, Allysin certainly finds herself at a disadvantage against the towering powerhouse Jessicka. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Dementia then picks back up where she left off But will it be enough to keep Vanessa down? Finally, a burst of rage fuelled adrenalin allows Su to hang Amanda up on the turnbuckle and apply pressure to her already damaged ankle- enough to earn Su a controversial victory over Amanda.

American professional wrestling promotions American companies established in American independent professional wrestling promotions based in New York state Extreme Championship Wrestling reunions and revivals.

Rain vs Chris Gray This is a very bad day for Rain. Austin Aries defeated Drew Galloway. The back and forth exchange leads to a leg torture battle challenge and Amber goes to the mat to let April have the first bite of the apple or ankle.

The match goes back and forth from there as the duo apply some excruciating submissions and grappling-style holds on each other. Huge tit sister in law. Or will this Rose prove to have a few more thorns? Bull James defeated Joey Mercury. This show was a "Hardcore for Charity" event which benefited children's charities in the area.

Fucking cum for me!! Saraya viciously rains down punches and kicks, adds in hairpulls and chokes, and also tossed in high-impact maneuvers such as Bodyslams and leg drops. Yeah, at the start she was on fire and for a good year she helped to define the entire division, but she ran through everyone on the roster and eventually grew extremely stale as a result.

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