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And there are a number of YouTube videos of interviews Mulgrew has given at conventions where she talks about the show, what she liked about it and what she didn't, and I have to say, her level of candor is really, really refreshing.

In this episode, though, what happens is that Janeway "believes" she can solve the problem "with science," and then eventually opens up to learning alternatives. Free beautiful girls naked. Troi was one of my favorite characters and I though Marina Sirtis was one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. I wonder if it's an experiment. Stephen remains hopeful that some future model will "explain it all" but my gut instinct is this may never happen.

Or were they all just so embarrassed that they pretended something profound happened? Did they never actually watch the show? Is Garrett Wang still acting or has he left the business? Kes was completely annoying. Robert duncan mcneill naked. Wondering where you should start? The story creates its own paradox—which is perplexing but not necessarily a flaw. She seemed to have felt she had done something purley on faith, perhaps nearly spiritual, and listening to Doctor try to dissect it was disquieting to her.

The Return convention in the United Kingdom. Marquis dynamic and the challenge of holding on to Starfleet protocol while in a completely crucial and all together different situation. Comments RSS for this page. It was one of the best episodes they ever did and was really Star Trek at it's best Sure was.

Robert duncan mcneill naked

Just some personal motives could have helped to make her more interesting. Wwe real nude. Janeway, Seven and the Doctor would act rings around most of the DS9 cast. But what you're suggesting VOTN is that it doesn't make sense. Trek has lots and lots of telepaths -- who can read thoughts. Majel Barrett Rodenberry was a class act and a wonderful lady.

Respect the newbies aren't enforced except for DSCbut they are encouraged. On the whole, though, there's no getting around that it's a really, really stupid story.

I don't think it's a problem with McDowell, it's more that they don't really give him much development. But much like Vulcan logic, the Trek writers have no idea what they're talking about. I think that the basic idea of the jerking-around "ah yes Robert Duncan McNeil has such a gorgeous haiy chest that it's a crime it was never exploited. Or is science just another religion.

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There's no more to it than that.

I particularly like her characterization in this episode. I imagine that every single male cast member of "Voyager" was underendowed.

Yarko Sat, Jun 15,8: That gives me Voyager flashbacks. Tumblr girl orgasm video. If they'd brought him on as showrunner earlier, they might have lasted longer. The problem with Robbie McNeill is that they had initially wanted the character he had played in a TNG episode for that part. Robert duncan mcneill naked. He will be joined by a reunion of many of the main cast from Star Trek: A comment tangential to this episode But this is not a very convincing concept to me to explain how DNA appeared.

Zoidberg Member Sep 16, I will agree that Voyager had some truly godawful episodes, but when they were on their game they were wonderful. Retrieved February 5, I thought it was a great addition on R. I always has a different take on this whole episode that the entire thing was contrived, perhaps even starting with Kes's initial injury. R, I actually do think Voyager was a better show than either one of those contrived television shows you mention.

That guy who played the doctor, occasionally. The real point here, I think, is Janeway's own analysis of her discipline of scientific belief, and what she does when she sees her science failing to save Kes.

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Thread starter Mad Season Start date Sep 15, In Resolutions too she was exactly the same: I love Voyager--it's my favorite of the franchise and I know I'm in the minority. Hot priyanka naked. As McNeill puts it, "Tom is a man who has made mistakes, but who hasn't allowed these mistakes to ruin his life. Setting aside Worf-related activity, however, he's been a lot harder to find. While acting in Star Trek: But after the cast complained, we got Ro Laren, again a character that never took off because Forbes wouldn't sign on full time or for DS9.

This is the type of episode that Babylon Five does so well. I enjoyed the final scene. This includes some who are competent scientists and who see no contradiction between employing the method of science and being the member of their particular religious community.

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